How iVoIP can Work for You

See how iVoIP’s complete voice monitoring platform can help you reach your service provider goals

Security 24/7

Seamlessly protect your customers — and your business — from VoIP phrack events with best-in-class machine learning algorithms. Automatically stay at the top of the game and receive notifications in real time.

Mean Opinion Score

Optimize customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn. Make informed decisions with extensive and real time health data from every part of your VoIP infrastructure

Visualise health metrics in real time: answer-seizure ratio (ASR), average call duration (ACD), post-dial delay (PDD), network effectiveness ratio (NER), mean opinion scores (MOS), jitter, and packet loss.

Immediately find users who experience issues and the reasons behind them with advanced VoIP traffic forensic analysis.

Pay as you Go

Reduce costs by deploying the application in a virtual environment. Keep your business model agile by choosing the Pay as you Go option, priced on the monthly CDR call volume.

Thousands or millions of calls in parallel. Our solution is scalable and is priced based on call volume.

An optimal ROI, for all VoIP business sizes.

Powerful Features at Your Service

  • Active Call Monitoring
  • Device Registration Monitoring
  • Real-time SIP and RTP Correlation
  • Derived Mean Opinion Score
  • Message Flow Diagrams
  • Data Retention
  • Post-mortem Call Review
  • Open Programming API (REST)
  • Virtualization
  • Authentication with Active Directory / LDAP
  • Self Driven Anomaly Detection
  • Real-time Alerting
  • Native PagerDuty Integration

Save Time and Effort with Operations

Our monitoring application is natively integrated with PagerDuty to further streamline your operations.
This gives you all benefits of centralized notifications whenever an incident is triggered, acknowledged, unacknowledged (due to timeout), resolved, reassigned, escalated, or delegated.


Download Our White paper

Differentiating services is key for service providers to build strong brand image. While hacking and phrack can damage reputation, new technologies arise and provide efficient alternatives. This white paper highlights the current risks, and new opportunities driven by AI technology.

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